Greatness through ACCOUNTABILITY
What is it?
Greatness through Accountability is an educational platform that is customized to meet the audience where they are in their Personal Accountability. Greatness comes from a mindset of 100% Accountability and the actions of 100% Accountable teams. The platform includes a validated online assessment that can determine the Mindset of Accountability for individuals and recommend a set of tools that can enhance that mindset and bring accountable actions to entire teams. For more than 2 decades, these proprietary tools have been helping organizations reach new heights of performance and
employee satisfaction.
Why do we need it?
Great teams are accountable, effective, empowered, cohesive, transparent, clear, responsive, productive, and fun to be a part of. If your team could use improvement in these areas OR if individuals miss deadlines, gossip, finger point and blame OR if you have a culture to ‘rescue, fix and save’ the underperformers, then this is the right workshop for you. Mindsets drive actions and actions drive results. To get the results of a great team we start with the Mindset of Accountability Assessment and help everyone to reach 100% Accountable.
How do we benefit?
Teams that attend the workshop go back to work with a mindset of 100% Accountability. These teams have a common language of Accountability and communication tools that promote clarity and understanding around project tasks and deadlines. This new mindset of 100% Accountability drives accountable actions that in turn drive lasting change and propel the team to high performance. The value gained from accountable actions is strengthened over time as teams reap the benefits of GREATNESS.
How does it work?
Teams are given a unique code to access the Mindset of Accountability Assessment and accompanying online tools. The results are completely CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with any other team members. This is not a test to pass or fail, but rather a diagnostic tool to help individuals understand their starting point. Hundreds of clients have relied upon the assessment results to understand their levels of accountability and determine their readiness to embrace high impact changes. The workshop will debrief the assessment and provide insight to individuals around their Personal Accountability, Personal Responsibility, Team Empowerment and Perception of Organizational Culture. Once seen, these insights cannot be unseen, resulting in TRANSFORMATIVE learning that can be put immediately into effect. In the workshop Annette will debrief the aggregate results for the team and teach the tools to take Accountability to 100%. Teams will participate in exercises to enhance clarity, communication and empowerment, plus learn accountability tools that can be implemented to take teams to the next level of high performance starting TODAY.