Annette Lavoie, PhD

Annette is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur with a passion for creating high performance cultures in organizations. Her program, Greatness through Accountability, draws on decades of experience as an academic researcher, a startup founder and a business consultant. The premise of the program is that Personal Accountability starts with mindset, and has the power to drive success for entire organizations. Dr. Lavoie earned a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Utah School of Medicine and has post-graduate training in Organizational Accountability.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Annette is authentic and relatable as she shares her stories, bumps and bruises on the path to accountability. You will laugh while you learn:

  • how a mindset of 100% Accountability can rock your world AND your work
  • how Accountability brings the FUN back
  • how 3 simple steps can boost your performance and make you the person that everyone wants to work with

Annette guides you on a personal journey that allows you to discover the source of your frustrations and the means to fix it. This transformative learning process will inspire you to own your success and launch your high performance career.


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